• Fix: Grid span inputs not working
  • Fix: grid columns and row count after reopening
  • Fix: Grid Template partial preset does not apply on click
  • Fix: Grid gap linking


GEM: Grid Copilot

Grid copilot feature
Grid copilot feature


  • Improvement: Custom View-port size will stay until breakpoint change
  • Improvement: CLI autoclose
  • Fix: Critical error in case that Oxygen is deactivated and Recoda active
  • Fix: No contrast inside dev structure panel rename input


Fix: Blockpad overflow


- Compatibility with Oxygen 4.7

- Fix: Chrome spacing panel space issue

- Fix: Attributes panels gets closed


  • New: Box model spacing per breakpoint indicators
  • New: Style App shortcut (Shift + S)
  • New: Sidebar icons more controls to disable not needed
  • New: Compact interface option (optimization related to smaller screens)
  • New: Sidebar icons full controls to show hide
  • Compatibility: Oxy Toolbox Navigator feature should work now
  • Polish: Blockpad is closed by default now
  • Polish: Props manager (double click trigger, + option to edit each margin/padding)
  • Polish: Left dock is OFF by default
  • Fix: Sidebar icons on small screen
  • Fix: Page Manager overflow



  • NEW: Style prop manager (edit styles per breakpoint and remove - alt + click)
  • NEW: Style app (preview all applied styles to element)
  • NEW: Left side dock (Box model, Structure panel dev)
  • NEW: Mini apps (live server, style app icons shortcuts)
  • NEW: Resizable panels
  • NEW: CodeMirror dual support (aka Oxygen v4.7 ready)
  • NEW: Right click on advanced icon (reset advanced)
  • NEW: Custom CSS panel advanced icon shortcut
  • NEW: Expand/collapse Blockpad icon
  • Compatibility with dock: Box model, Blockpad, context menu
  • Compatibility: Fancy border radius pasting collision with unit-autodetection
  • Tweak: Structure panel active node line indication
  • Tweak: Sync structure with canvas
  • Tweak: Elements fire emoji placeholder replaced
  • Tweak: Recoda units added Auto option
  • Fix: Box model empty values when expanded and clicked on border or size
  • Fix: CLI Bugs
  • Performance: Reduced watchers count by 22%


  • NEW: Style Inspector
  • NEW: Codesense for Blockpad
  • NEW Tweak: Safari scrollbars
  • NEW: Command-line position (top, bottom)
  • NEW: Shortcuts hints support for QWERTY, AZERTY
  • Fix: Command-line change id, change content
  • Fix: Safari icon missing
  • Fix: Command-line elements add, heading does not resize according to new tag
  • Fix: Command-line: Safari backdrop


Please remove any old 2.X version before installing!

  • FIX: CLI sibling adding error
  • FIX: Copy ID to clipboard
  • FIX: Box model -> padding indications stays on canvas

2.0.6 RC2

  • NEW: Root font size auto-detection for px to rem conversion
  • NEW: Box Model Unit Picker with new unit options (dvw, dvh, ch)
  • NEW: Exit to links Pages, Posts, templates, media
  • Polish: Box mode detached indication not working!
  • Fix: Blockpad drag over Site canvas (iframe) buggy
  • Polish: Advanced icons - back to old position in order same as in advanced tab
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