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Trillion ways to Improve Workflow.

Designed with professional designers and developers in mind, the streamlined interface and workflow helpers will let you to create truly unique workflow. Every part of interface is configurable, because one size does not fit all.

Flexible Panels

Both panels support the option to adjust the default width. If you need more space, drag the panel to change the current width. No jumping when you change the panel, the panel only resizes if you want it to.

Unmatched UI Flexibility

Optimize for large screen, or make it compact. Dock panels, pick one of the 10 themes. Workspace offers 40+ customization to ensure Workflow that meets user needs.

Penel Docking

User Profiles

The client and every developer in the team work on different screens, they have different quality of eye sight. Workspace supports individual profiles so that each team member can configure the interface according to their own preferences.

User Profiles

Shortcuts crafted to adopt.

Shortcuts system that is crafted for high adoption rate of shortcuts. System provides few levels of the adoption boosters so you can reduce learning curve which is needed to adopt most of them.

Two-Handed Workflow

This workflow distributes muscle movements evenly across both hands, resulting in less clicks, reduced mouse travel, and reduced mouse-keyboard. Keep hands at the right place.

Two-Handed Workflow

Guided shortcuts

Having 50+ shortcuts, but using only few of them? We don't develop shortcuts to to have, we make them for use. Enable shortcuts hints and have visual clue so you can adopt

Shortcuts Guides

40+ shortcuts

Jump between breakpoints, panels, advanced tabs, activate certain features, add elements. We have covered everything you need.

40 Shortcuts
hello world!

Optimized for Every Workstation

Actions inside Oxygen (CLI).

According to 27% of users, this is the most loved feature inside Recoda Workspace. Actions provides unseen way of interacting with Website creation Software, instead of clicking and going through the interface, you have one input where you can do 70% of the most common things.

Add multiple classes

You can add multiple classes quickly, and it is connected with Codesense so you will have hints for all Oxygen classes while you are typing.

Action: Add multiple classes

Bulk actions

Import classes in a bulk, bulk HTML tags change, bulk rename elements. Add multiple classes to multiple elements, save time.

Actions overview

Emmet-like adding elements

Instead of adding elements via interface, and changing tags, you can write Emmet-like syntax which will add elements and change tags for you.

hello world!

Designer Favorite Tools

Code like never before.
powered by Recoda Codesense

Recoda Codesense is set of the custom CodeMirror integrations with Oxygen builder to have the best code writing experience inside Oxygen Builder. It is the most powerful solution inside any page-builder to turn builder close to the desktop IDE.

Cheat layer for coding

Part of the Codesense are extensions for intelligent CSS hinting, finding all the CSS variables and all the Oxygen classes. Codesense stands out with ability to work in no-selector mode (Oxygen Custom CSS) and hint like you are writing in normal mode.

3.3xFaster writing CSS variables
100%Typing fun
30%Faster writing CSS properties

Custom CSS

Custom-made solution to hint CSS properties and options in no-selector mode while writing Custom CSS inside Oxygen Builder. Supports Intelligent CSS properties hints and CSS variables hints.


When low-code meets the full code. Use CSS Variables like never before, supports CSS variables hints in Editor fields while you are typing.


Turn Oxygen Builder stylesheets in IDE like experience. Supports Oxygen classes hints, CSS variables hints and Intelligent CSS properties hints.