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Advanced Border EditorRecoda Box Model PanelAdvanced colorpicker

Oxygen Builder on steroids.

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Recoda Box Model PanelAdvanced colorpicker

Make sites that wow.

Cutting-edge box model implementation. Magical color tools.

  • Contrast ratio suggestion (AA, AAA)
  • HSL Colors support

  • Spacing tokens support (CSS variables, rem)
  • Work in rem, think in px

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Developer? Look no further.
powered by Recoda Codesense

Recoda Codesense is set of the custom CodeMirror integrations with Oxygen Builder to have the best code writing experience inside Oxygen Builder. IDE level of expirience for writting CSS

Cheat layer for coding

Part of the Codesense are extensions for intelligent CSS hinting, finding all the CSS variables and all the Oxygen classes. Codesense stands out with ability to work in no-selector mode (Oxygen Custom CSS) and hint like you are writing in normal mode.

3.3xFaster writing CSS variables
100%Typing fun
Typofree writting
30%Faster writing CSS properties


Custom-tailored solution to autocomplete CSS.

  • CSS properties
  • Oxygen classes

  • CSS variables
Custom CSS floating window

Editor Token Hints

When low-code meets the full code. Use CSS Variables like never before, supports CSS variables hints in Editor fields while you are typing.

Blockpad Editor

Codepen like code block editing:

  • Three Panel view, Split and Single view
  • Drag to resize

  • 100% fun
Blockpad editor
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