Code like never before.

Recoda Codesense is set of the custom CodeMirror integrations with Oxygen builder to have the best code writing experience inside Oxygen Builder. It is the most powerful solution inside any page-builder to turn builder close to the desktop IDE.

Cheat layer for coding

Part of the Codesense are extensions for intelligent CSS hinting, finding all the CSS variables and all the Oxygen classes. Codesense stands out with ability to work in no-selector mode (Oxygen Custom CSS) and hint like you are writing in normal mode.

Custom CSS

Custom-made solution to hint CSS properties and options in no-selector mode while writing Custom CSS inside Oxygen Builder. Supports Intelligent CSS properties hints and CSS variables hints.


When low-code meets the full code. Use CSS Variables like never before, supports CSS variables hints in Editor fields while you are typing.


Turn Oxygen Builder stylesheets in IDE like experience. Supports Oxygen classes hints, CSS variables hints and Intelligent CSS properties hints.

CSS Variables Heaven

Unseen easy to use solution for CSS Variables. Codesense detects CSS variables inside Oxygen Builder and external data and provides typing hints for them.