Live Server


Usually you open front-end in new tab to have more accurate view of webpage. And with every save you need reload that page to see changes.


With Live Server extension you can open fronted and have auto reload on every page + it removes WP Admin bar so you can look with less distraction.

With Recoda Live Server, Oxygen Builder can hot-reload the website front-end. This means that any changes made to the website's design or code will be automatically reflected in the browser without the need for a page refresh.

Web developers love hot-reloading because it allows them to see their changes in real-time and iterate quickly. This can save a lot of time and make the development process more efficient. If you find that you are doing page reload many times through out the day, probably you will find great benefits of having this feature.

Key benefit of the Recoda Live Server extension is that it integrates seamlessly with Oxygen Builder. This popular page builder plugin for WordPress allows users to create custom designs for their website without the need for coding knowledge.

With the Recoda Live Server extension, Oxygen Builder users can take advantage of hot-reloading and see their changes in real-time as they work. This can speed up the design process and make it easier to create high-quality, professional-looking websites.

Recoda Live Server is a valuable addition to Oxygen Builder that helps make the web development process quicker and more efficient. Any Oxygen Builder user looking to improve their workflow will benefit from this seamless integration and useful features.