2.0.5 RC1

2.0.5 RC1

  • POLISH: Plugin core files overhaul
  • NEW: Shortcuts hints option added
  • NEW: Structure child node spacing control
  • Polish: User preference now creates new table and removes old one for potential compatibility improvement with older versions
  • Polish: Blockpad code block editor new UX, always on when code block active, added option drag to vertical resize
  • Polish/Fix: Box Model 0rem displays as empty ("-") value
  • Polish: Dev Structure panel popup theme polish
  • Polish: Dev Structure panel removed text for template import, expand, collapse, text is now visible as tooltip
  • Polish: Dev Structure added tooltip to indicate double click to edit
  • Polish: Box Model reset current, opposite (click + Shift), all (click + Alt)
  • Polish: Elements Filter - added some padding to the left for nodes
  • Polish: General icon management inside plugin, fixed overflow issues in some components
  • Polish: Add elements shortcut (Shift+A) now focus search field

2.0.4 (BETA 4)

  • New: Developer edition structure panel
  • Fix: Right-click menu position
  • Fix: Custom CSS window shown when selector is locked
  • Fix: Elements manager icon overflow
  • Polish: Removed notice "No User preference found in database"


  • New: Actions -> Quick elements add
  • Polish: Page Manger
  • Editor tweak: Flexbox inset primary controls organized in one row
  • Polish: Hide Box model when selector is locked
  • Fix: Site SVG icons wrong size in Editor preview


  • NEW: Page manager (search pages, templates, reusables) and switch from Editor
  • NEW: Actions (CLI) moved from v1 to v2
  • NEW: Live Server moved from v1 to v2
  • NEW: Accessibility preferences (adjust interface font-size, icon size, tooltip size, code editor font-size)
  • NEW: Preference Save Button
  • Fix: Code colorpicker shortcut breaks editor look
  • Fix: Left panel cut-off few px to bottom


Introduces first public version of Recoda Workspace 2.0 rewrite.

Box Model

Workspace brings some unseen features for a designers inside WordPress. Vast majority of the effort went inside building Box Model which can take CSS variables, convert px to rem, handles even CSS functions.

Recoda Box Model Panel
Image 1: Box Model

Color tools

Recoda 2.0.1 brings unseen color tools inside Oxygen Builder. Our new colorpicker components supports HSL color, and gives you even chance to use it inside code editor.

Another part of color tools is contrast ratio checker. It will calculate foreground - background contrast ratio, and if active element is text it will hint you WCAG level (Fail, AA, AAA).

If you are using global color, now when you want pick foreground color you will get suggestion about which global color pass or fail WCAG criteria.

Advanced colorpicker
Advanced HSL colorpicker with contrast checker support

Other features inside Recoda Workspace 2.0.1:

  • Elements manager (filter)
  • JavaScript popup code editor
  • Blockpad code block editor (3 pane view)
  • Draggable custom CSS window
  • Adjustable advanced icons bar
  • Currently editing
  • Canvas controls
  • X-mode
  • Grid guides (customizable per breakpoint)
  • Right click menu
  • Codesense (autocomplete)
  • Class switcher
  • Code editor font size
  • Default paragraph tag
  • Default heading tag
  • Default paragraph tag
  • Attributes popup panel
  • Quickflow actions
  • Shortcuts with cheatsheet



Fix: JavaScript changes in Code block does not reflect to Blockpad view
Fix: Switching from Global settings to Structure does not work



Added recoda prefix to the function add_action_links



  • License manager SDK update


Fix: Selector Lock Z-index fix
Fix: Spacing column view, UI issue with element overlaps and Layout shift

Compatibility: Oxygen 4.2