Oxygen 4.1 fixes:

  • Class lock checkbox Z-index issue with Blockpad
  • Unit none, certain theme issues where the background is using transparency while taking full-width over other control elements
  • Resizer handle over Rich text modal Z-index issue

Swiss Knife compatibility fixes:

  • Hover on the Advanced menu item causes a 2px layout shift due to different border width



  • Blockpad compatibility with Oxygen 4.1
  • Input focus causes slight vertical layout shift
  • Responsive Helpers inputs gets out modal container


NEW: Format Stylesheet
NEW: Blockpad UX

Fix: User preference reported bug
Fix: Double click to open panel
Fix: On certain small viewport size User preference layout broken
Fix: Right click on the smallest breakpoint generated wrong value


NEW: Style App - preview selector styles

NEW: Style inspector - Grab code

NEW: Auto rename element in structure panel as first class-name of element

NEW: Change default Heading tag to H2 or H3

ENHANCEMENT: Unit-auto detection, more supported fields

INTEGRATION: Dplugins Scripts Organizer CSS variable suggestion.

COMPATIBILITY: Oxygen 4.1.0+ ready

FIX: Shortcuts hint, huge font-size


Fix 1: Detachable stylesheets won't open stylesheet

Fix 2: History panel and Structure panel active until some interaction with Panelator

Fix 3: Added "Backquote" single key shortcut for open/close Blockpad view


**Fix: Structure panel open on load


New features:

  • Custom CSS / Stylesheets Colorpicker (PC: Alt + Ctrl + C, Mac: ⌘ + ⌥ + C)
  • Format CSS code selection (PC: Ctrl + K, Mac: ⌘ + K)
  • Format CSS Document (PC: Ctrl + Shift + K, Mac: ⌘ + ⇧ + K)
  • Add interface only CSS inside Stylesheets

Features Rebuild:

  • Advantor UI facelift
  • Panelator UI facelift
  • Style Inspector UI facelift
  • Input focus indication
  • UI polish, closer to native Oxygen
  • Codesense Code refactoring
  • Blockpad Open default width
  • Blockpad toggle key (key between Esc and Tab)
Blockpad Toggle Key


  • Responsive App error
  • 3rd party compatibility: EE -> Panelator (sidepanel option), Z-index issue
  • Advantor -> Rich Text Editor, Z-index issue
  • Background Position Preset not working
  • Color picker - cannot see numeric color value
  • Panelator position (topbar)
  • Conditions Z-index issue
  • Selector detector cannot access to submenu items when panel width is below 300px
  • Detachable Stylesheets removed SAVE buttons due to possibility to not save and lose work (and it is not possible to fix that and focus Editor window due to browser security policy)

Snippets fix:

OxyToolbox feature Navigator collision , use snippet below and run on front-end only via Code Snippets

add_action( 'oxygen_enqueue_ui_scripts', 'recoda_ot_navigator_compatibility_fix' );
* Load custom CSS in the Oxygen editor.
function recoda_ot_navigator_compatibility_fix() {
// if this is not an Oxygen editor page, abort.
if ( ! defined( 'SHOW_CT_BUILDER' ) ) {
$css = '
#ct-viewport-container #ct-viewport-ruller-wrap{
height: unset !important;
wp_add_inline_style( 'oxygen', $css );


VIDEO: https://www.canva.com/design/DAFJxWTa_FQ/sUnNHbs_lps0Q-2Xwu6paA/watch?utm_content=DAFJxWTa_FQ&utm_campaign=designshare&utm_medium=link&utm_source=publishsharelink

New features:

  • Responsive App
  • Fancy border generator
  • Context Menu (Right click menu)
  • Reset Advanced
  • Add class / change ID at the same time
  • Detachable stylesheets Save button
  • Disable selector indicator covering input

Features Rebuild:

  • CSS Variables Suggestions (Token hints)
  • Responsive helpers & Canvas Settings


  • Safari compatibility
  • 3rd party plugins compatibility works
  • Live Server sticky header issue
  • Color picker - cannot see numeric color value


  • UI components polish

Admin area:

  • Added settings link inside Plugin list page
  • Redirect to settings after activation


*Fix: ACF scroll not visible, bug with a lot of custom fields inside dynamic ACF data picker
*Fix: Selector detector scroll not visible


NEW: We have launched PRO version with auto-updates!